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AMI bulletin flags focus on remortgaging and buy-to-let

The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries is predicting a flat mortgage market for 2011 in its Quarterly Economic Bulletin.

The bulletin predicts similar levels of housing transactions and lending levels for 2011 as 2010.

It says despite higher LTV mortgages being offered, the proportion of borrowers who were first-time buyers fell in 2010. But it predicts 2011 will see increased demand for remortgage business because of uncertainty over interest rates.

Robert Sinclair, director of AMI, says: “We expect housing transactions, house prices and lending levels to match last year. However the second half of the year has potential for an upside if government decides it needs to encourage more support for first-time buyers.

“The bright spots will be the buy-to-let sector and a pick up in re-mortgaging, for those who can meet lenders strict criteria.”


Creditor insurance is the new umbrella

Online forums and blogs are buzzing with people asking how they can protect their standards of living in the face of widespread government cost cutting.It is not just one sector of society that is concerned. Although public sector workers are already seeing their standards of living slip and their co-workers are being made redundant, private […]

We must campaign against Mortgage Market Review

My view is that nothing will be done about the Mortgage Market Review and that the Financial Services Authority will get its way. The only thing that could stop it is if we, as an industry, get off our backsides and campaign against it. The first thing that should happen is that the mortgage networks […]


Do or die

The question of whether to charge fees can literally be life or death for some firms who face a central conundrum – should they charge and risk losing clients or rely solely on proc fees?

Lenders should be left to shoulder the risk themselves

Labour MP George Mudie was last week reported as saying he was horrified by the Financial Services Authority’s Mortgage Market Review and believes the regulator has lost its balance and could damage the industry (’Labour MP horrified by MMR’, Mortgage Strategy Online, February 1). This government has said time and again that they are going […]


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