Who can trust this corrupt and hypocritical government?

From Jim Gillespie

This inept government thinks it can ride roughshod over the industry and the public without any comeback.

First Gordon Brown tinkers with tax relief on company pension schemes which results in large companies seeing pension fund shortfalls, a mass exodus from final salary schemes and pensioners left with little or no pensions from defunct company schemes.

Then it allows a free-for-all on immigration before admitting it hasn’t a clue how many immigrants are in the country, legal or otherwise. Our jails are full to capacity, with one in seven prisoners being an immigrant (according to official figures, so you can at least double that figure).

Then it focusses on the property industry which it leaves in disarray after the U-turn on self-invested personal pensions then the equally disgraceful U-turn on Home Condition Reports.

A HIP was only ever a wrapper for the Energy Performance Certificate that Blair agreed to produce in compliance with an EU directive, but why subject HIP providers and inspectors to such a waste of time and money if it did not have the backbone to stand behind its initiatives?

When you add to all this the shenanigans involving Two Shags and the criminal investigations into Lord Levy and loans for honours, I fail to see how anyone can trust this corrupt bunch of self-serving hypocrites.

Jim Gillespie