Portman reprices two-year fixed rates

Portman has repriced its two-year fixed rates with new products available from Friday August 11 as a result of upward movement in swap rates.

It now offers a two-year fixed rate mortgage at 4.69% with an arrangement fee of 999, a two-year fixed rate mortgage at 4.89% with an arrangement fee of 599, and a two-year fixed mortgage at 4.99% with an arrangement fee of 649.

The latter also includes free valuation, and 250 cashback or easy remortgage up to 75%, with free valuation and free legals.

Helen Shaw, group communications manager at Portman, says: Volatility in swap rates has seen many lenders reconsidering their fixed rate pricing.

Portman continues to offer a highly competitive mortgage product range and we expect these fixed rates to prove extremely popular following last weeks base rate rise.

Our two-year discount mortgage remains unchanged and is still an attractive proposition for those not wanting to tie into a fixed rate.