Marketing Brief

National Counties

While there is an intermediary section that contains an online application in principle and Key Facts Illustration, I struggled to find anything of any interest with this website. It has the feel of a hastily thrown together brochure site and smugly trumpets its position as one of the most wealthy mutual societies. If this is true it could have spent more time, effort and money developing its web presence. The lack of marketing content does nothing to help promote the society and from an intermediary perspective I struggle to find much to justify using it. This is all the more frustrating as it has a few good products and like many small mutuals it has a commercial product range. Its lifetime products look good too.

NatWest Home Loans
As the buy-to-let and flexible offset specialist of the rebranded RBS Intermediary Partners group, NatWest Home Loans has had a much-needed breath of fresh air. Having drifted for some time it now forms an important part of the group, able to focus on a niche instead of trying to compete with other brands in the stable. The website is simple and easy to use, uncluttered with lots of information – although it could do with more marketing literature available as downloads. The documents that are there are cleverly listed in black and white or single colours to save on ink when printing. There is online AIP, KFI and application plus a link to a separate offset website but this again could do with more marketing tools.38,000 registered users can’t be wrong


Kevin Paterson, national sales director, Park Row Associates
National Counties boasts that it is the largest single office mutual in the country and from its asset profile it is obvious that it is pretty wealthy. Why then does it ignore its marketing profile? There is little by way of content on the website and for a self-proclaimed successful mutual in the position it claims to be, spend on web marketing is tiny. A bit more focus on its web presence could see National Counties’ profile lifted considerably. NatWest Home Loans is the first of the rebranded RBS Intermediary Partners group to be reviewed since the introduction of the joined-up approach adopted by the bank. This is the flagship of the group’s specialist range focussing on buy-to-let and flexible offset.