Is this a cunning plot or has Labour just cocked up again?

From Danny Lovey

So HCRs are dead – at least for the time being. But they can be obtained on a voluntary basis. Who will do this? Nobody.

However, the Energy Performance Certificate, another European idea, is alive and well. And was the EPC supposed to be done by home inspectors in the course of the HCR? It seems so. But there are not enough home inspectors anyway, so this will snarl the market up just as HCRs would have done.

What are the ramifications of all this for sellers? It appears that they will still have to have an EPC done even though this is not enforceable until January 2009. This will involve an expense that is likely to be disproportionate to the cost of an HCR package including an EPC.

Is this a cunning plan by the government to blackmail people into having an HCR and an EPC done at the same time so sellers get better value for their money, or could it just be that this meddling government has cocked it up again?

Danny Lovey
The Mortgage Practitioner
Basildon, Essex