Comments from the pro-HIP lobbyists make me laugh

From Peter Sowerby

In the week following the glimmer of common sense from the government in its withdrawal of Home Condition Reports from Home Information Packs I couldn’t help but laugh at the comments from the pro-HIP lobby trying to save their skins and future profits.

No wonder the Association of Home Information Pack Providers is convinced of the value of HCRs to consumers because without a HCRs, HIPs are worthless. Given that properties can stay on the market for months, all a HIP would do is cost sellers more in repeat searches once the originals are deemed to have expired.

If I were a buyer I wouldn’t want to rely on a search done months ago. So now we have a period of time when HIP providers lick their wounds and try to salvage something from yet another government debacle.

Still, you have to see the funny side and in Rebecca Atkinson’s news story headlined ‘Network Data still bent on flotation’ (Mortgage Strategy July 24), the final comment about “having a HIP without an HCR is like having a sandwich without the meat” made me laugh. The vegetarians among us (and I am not one) wouldn’t be too concerned but maybe that’s how HIPs should be marketed – as the ‘new, improved, never been properly tested on anyone, meat-free option’.

Peter Sowerby
Advanced Mortgages & Loans
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