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65% Say home inspectors should be compensated

An overwhelming 65% of Mortgage Strategy Online readers think the government should compensate the would-be home inspectors who coughed up for the training and now have no jobs to go to.

Following the government’s decision to make the Home Condition Report element of Home Information Packs optional, a big question mark now hangs over what part qualified inspectors can play in the roll-out of HIPs, if any.

This week Mortgage Strategy asks: “Will last week’s base rate rise to 4.75% slow down the housing market?”


Who can trust this corrupt and hypocritical government?

From Jim Gillespie This inept government thinks it can ride roughshod over the industry and the public without any comeback. First Gordon Brown tinkers with tax relief on company pension schemes which results in large companies seeing pension fund shortfalls, a mass exodus from final salary schemes and pensioners left with little or no pensions […]

Home owners get hot under the collar

Last month was the hottest July since 1659, according to climate historian Philip Eden. The average temperature in England was 19.85C, with individual highs recorded at 36.5C, which is decidedly warm. Train tracks buckled, roads melted, commuters endured temperatures illegal for cattle transport and zoo animals cooled down by sucking blood flavoured ice lollies.

Kylie is exception who proves the rule

About a year ago one of the most successful and recognisable stars of the past decade was diagnosed with a disease that strikes over 1.2 million people every year. In May 2005, along with an estimated 3,500 women in the UK, Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Job uncertainty

Research from Prudential shows that one in 10 UK workers fear their jobs are in imminent danger. Yet over one-third of people say they have few or no savings in place should they lose their jobs or be unable to work.


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