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Deputy production editor Rob Parr walked on the wild side last week after associate editor Clare Bettelley’s leaving do.

Separated from Mortgage Strategy’s workforce, the dazed and confused Welshman wandered lonely streets only to attract the attention of one of Soho’s ladyboys.

An innocent query about the whereabouts of Berwick Street led to Parr being cupped by the hairy-handed hooker. He was left open-mouthed, which Mole thinks was a mistake given the circumstances.

“Buy me dinner first,” equipped the production man before walking home to Tooting like Caine in Kung Fu.


Tide of repossessions allowed to rise

If ever there was a time that consumers needed protection from bullying lenders eager to evict them, it is now. And if there was a time those struggling with repayments needed to be treated with dignity, it is now. But it seems lenders have been given a window to ensure the worrying trend of repossessions continues.

A situation which passes all understanding

A few years ago I found myself at a parliamentary breakfast at which I defined a key worker as the son or daughter of a politician – a quip that the Westminster gravy train around the table found hard to digest. However, I was subsequently disabused of that definition by a senior civil servant from […]

Fitch says UK banking system “very strong’

Fitch Ratings has called the UK banking system “very strong” in its most recent Bank Systemic Risk report.The report, issued today, says the Northern Rock episode was an isolated event and that the system retains its “very strong” rating because no other large bank in the UK has had its individual rating downgraded.Fitch does suggest, […]

Nick Baxter

Reducing numbers of products an opportunity A recent open letter to intermediaries from a few distributors requested them to lay off lenders for making product adjustments at short notice. Although some intermediaries will not have welcomed the public lecture, particularly from those who might have been their business partners, no one can fault the sentiment. […]

Healthcare regulation amalgamation predicted for Gulf states

While Dubai is leading the way in terms of legislating for expat healthcare in the Gulf, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and others are watching and learning – that’s according to Jelf International’s director of international services, Doug Rice. He believes the pace of change in the Gulf states will continue and that some level of unified healthcare system will be introduced across the region.


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