Mortgage Next Packaging partners with Evaluate

Mortgage Next Packaging has partnered with Evaluate Technologies to enhance its online decision in principle and application service to guarantee a faster, more accurate and detailed response to broker enquiries.

The enhancements will enable Mortgage Next Packaging to provide brokers with a comprehensive list of available products from all panel lenders on every enquiry, along with Key Facts Illustrations and a specification of the supporting documentation required by each lender. What’s more, if a client’s application does not meet the criteria specified by Mortgage Next’s panel lenders, then the system will make the broker aware of the next best available options.

The enhancements also enable brokers to convert their recommended option from a comprehensive DIP response into a full application online. Mortgage Next selected Evaluate after an extensive selection and testing process.

Lisa Barber, sales and marketing director at Mortgage Next, says: “Technology is the way forward in the packaging market. Mortgage Next wants to ensure we can meet the requirements of our members and their clients as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible, which is precisely what our online enhancements enable us to do. But we are also mindful of the need to provide our members with the human touch, which will continue to be available from the knowledgeable staff on our mortgage desk and decision in principle teams.”

Paul Fradgley, chief executive officer of Evaluate, says: “We are delighted that Mortgage Next has chosen to partner with us after such an exhaustive pilot. Evaluate now offers unparalleled accuracy on all specialist lenders and represents a huge leap forward in simplifying the search and selection process, providing information brokers can rely on to make and justify their product selection. With fast, efficient and accurate sourcing at the top of brokers’ wish list, we feel that our technology is certainly leading the way in this area.”