Me and my ipod – 07 April 2008

My iPod features slow songs, swing classics, rock anthems and contemporary tunes. And because I\'m a crooner who likes to do his own thing, My Way is a must, says Rob Roberts

My iPod list starts with a couple of slow tunes. I’m an emotional guy and I like nothing better than unwinding to slow songs after a hard day battling against the world.

I had to put a couple of swing tunes in there too. My four year old daughter sings backing vocals for me on That’s life by Frank Sinatra. We have a lot of fun together singing and laughing.

I’m a big fan of singing. I sing in the shower, in the car, at my desk, all over the place. One of these days I’ll send a copy of my CD to Mortgage Strategy.

There’s an idea for a competition the magazine could run – Broker Idol. Royalty payments to me for the concept, of course.

I also love a couple of anthems that are great to drive to – Livin’ on a prayer by Bon Jovi and Layla by Derek and the Dominoes. Eric Clapton’s guitar intro on Layla is instantly recognisable and Livin’ on a prayer is the best rock tune of the 1980s by one of the best bands ever.

I love two tunes that Take That brought out recently. I wasn’t a huge fan of the band’s work during its heyday in the 1990s but the material released since the foursome reformed has been excellent, particularly Shine and Rule the world. I’m looking forward to its next offering.

I’ll finish with a classic tune from Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, My way. This is one of my favourite songs and is something of a signature tune because I like to do my own thing.

I don’t run with the crowd and I make my own way in life, work and everything else. I try to do the best I can by doing what I consider to be best, not what everyone else tells me to do.

This sometimes lands me in hot water but I just have to be me.