GE Money to push igroup brand through packagers

Mark Snape, sales director for the packager channel at GE Money Home Lending says packagers are still a huge part of its business and is hoping to get more packagers on board offering its igroup range.

Snape says unlike other lenders in the market it is not cutting its packager panel down, but instead working more closely with the packagers it has on its panel.

He says: “We are more focused on seeing how we can assist packagers rather than decrease the packagers, we have enough packagers but are looking at each packager separately, at their business models, and seeing how we can help them. We are looking at the quality of packaged cases coming in and see how we can make that better. Rather than withdrawing I’m instructing my team to really get involved with packagers.

“Although we have a direct to broker proposition, the packager avenue is still one of our focuses. We’re keen to support the packagers as much as we can and they are still a huge part of our business.”

As part of this GEMHL is talking to packagers and trying to get its igroup brand sold through the first mortgage packager market as well.

Snape adds: “Some of the small packagers currently offer igroup products, but with some of the larger ones we are quite keen to get it on their panels, and add some value if we can.”

GEMHL will also be embarking on a number of training initiatives through with the Association of Mortgage Packagers and Distributors and the Professional Mortgages Packagers Alliance, where it will be training firms how to make sure the quality of their packager case is up to scratch.