First Active’s policy used to be clear, but not any more

I\'m writing to express my dissatisfaction and frustration after finding out that First Active has changed its retention strategy the hard way.

First Active has been around for a few years and I have always thought of its proposition as being clear and simple – a single mortgage range for new and existing customers.

During a recent customer review, the client informed me that First Ac-tive had written to them directly. This is standard practice with most lenders and initially I was not concerned be-cause I knew I could offer any product in the First Active range to an existing customer.

But my client then showed me the details First Active had sent them and on researching the products, I was as-tounded to see it undercutting its broker range by a 0.2% reduction in rate and lower fees.

My BDM says this is something that has came about recently and he can’t do anything about it, but admits he is embarrassed.

As this is an important change to the way First Active does business, I think it’s only fair that I bring it to fellow brokers’ attention.

Scott Swift
Oracle Financial Services