BDS Secured sees 50% growth

BDS Secured Loans has seen 50% growth in its business since the turn of the year.

In December 2007 BDS Secured Loans moved into the black after less than three full months of trading and this momentum has carried on into the first quarter of 2008 as it has reported exceeding target business volumes by roughly 125%.

These volumes have helped BDS Secured Loans reach this 50% growth level and with its aggressive 2008 marketing strategy, further growth and expansion is expected despite challenging market conditions.

BDS Secured Loans was launched in September 2007 and with more than 20 years’ combined experience in the market to call upon, the service team offers a range of secured loan products and processing with all recommendations based on a true market analysis.

BDS Secured Loans also recently extended its 10% extra commission incentive on all deals received to the end of April 2008.

Mark Clinton, director at BDS Secured Loans, says: We are delighted with the way that we have started the year. After a low key launch we have been able to navigate ourselves into a position of growth swiftly thanks to the quality of our service and efficient processing.

Despite some market turbulence the secured loans sector remains a great opportunity for brokers to expand into a new business area, safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with an experienced team with a proven track record. Im confident 2008 will be a big year for us to initiate an increased market presence.