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Some final thoughts on making your network choice

Like most other turkeys in the country, they will be dead by Christmas.

Since June the trade press has been increasingly vociferous in warning brokers that they should not leave their application to join a network until the last minute.

Now, time is truly up and it is vital that brokers apply now. Their chosen network will be pushed to process their application, submit the relevant forms to the FSA and receive a response by the end of October.

Thousands of words have been written about how to choose between the 30 or so mortgage networks in the market and there is nothing new that I can contribute to these outpourings, but perhaps I might leave you with the following few thoughts.

How would you feel if there was only one network you could join as an appointed representative? You would probably bemoan the lack of choice. Put yourself in the position of your clients – don&#39t you think they would equally expect choice, not only for mortgages but also for insurance products?

Make sure you join a network that can offer genuine whole of market coverage for mortgage products and has a wide-ranging lender panel that pays competitive procuration fees.

On the insurance side, there is no one network that can offer access to all the product providers. Indeed most of them have single product providers for household insurance and payment protection products although generally they do have access to a range of term assurance providers.

There are, however, a handful of networks that provide a decent range of insurers across each product line and can thus provide a genuine choice.


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