We should do more than refuse to use inefficient lenders

From Paul Brown

Due to problems with BDMs who don’t care and call centres that are inadequately staffed, Halifax has been blacklisted by me when it comes to purchase mortgages for the past couple of years.

It has been sent the odd remortgage if totally straightforward, but luckily its products rarely seem to be the best which makes it easy to ignore.

Service often relies on personal support and varies as staff change.

Perhaps that’s where edeus is different. From what I can see, there is no personal involvement apart from friendly people who answer the phone within five rings and do what they promise they will do, so the computer says yes or no.

My way with insurers has always been to request that mistakes or poor service are rectified, give them an-other chance and then submit a formal complaint. That normally does the trick. If I’ve been put out a lot a small invoice is sent when they write to apologise and admit fault. Only one insurer has refused to pay.

My bills are rarely more than 150 as I nip problems in the bud and go to senior management or director level if things don’t happen quickly.

The insurer that refused to pay its 80 bill was given 30 days to pay before court action. It then asked me to sign a confidentiality form and paid up.

So I get paid for addressing mistakes that are not rectified promptly and my blood pressure stays normal. I’ve never got to the stage of billing Halifax. Perhaps you could ask it for its views on broker support.

If all brokers acted in this way product providers would see the cost of poor service. Simply blacklisting them shows them nothing as they don’t know what they are missing. My mortgage business is doubling yearly and Halifax has no idea of the level of business lost.

Also, why do some lenders use 0870 and 0845 numbers? All these numbers have a 01 or 02 number behind them and these should be offered to brokers. I pay a flat fee for all outgoing calls but these franchise numbers cost money on top. Treat customers fairly please.

Paul Brown
Assured Investment Management