titlesolv.com offers discounted services

titlesolv.com has announced a 20% discount on its search indemnities and defect cover policies when solicitors buy more than one policy.

The website, which has also raised its indemnity limit to £2m is releasing the discount offers after the launch of further lender and owner residential covers to the site.

The 20% discount applies to all of the policies now offered by titlesolv.com.

Vik Panchal, sales manager for titlesolv.com, says: “We operate in a market that has suffered stagnation, complacency and a lack of innovation for far too long. We believe our indemnity limit, our new breadth of cover options, our fast service website, and our competitive pricing will make titlesolv.com the first port of call for lawyers to obtain residential or commercial legal indemnity insurance online. I’m looking forward to introducing further services over the coming months.”