Title deed

Some 20 years ago, VEF was called Vivre en France and only became known as VEF halfway through its life.

As a company set up to find homes in France for English-speaking people the name Vivre en France seemed to fit the bill as it translates as ‘living in France’.

It was only 10 years after the start of the business that it realised that it might have defined the present and the future of the company by its limiting name.

Changing the name to VEF opened up the possibility of working in fields other than holiday and full-time homes in France and also did away with the feeling that one had to understand French to even say the company name, let alone use the company. This was in direct contradiction to what it had set out to do, which was to help non-French speakers buy property in France.

A change in name was called for and using the initials of the original name was the obvious way to go. So, 20 years later the firm is known as VEF. It has added a substantial interest in French investment property to its business but still deals only with people who want to buy properties in France.

But more important for VEF than its name is its colour. Throughout the world of people interested in French property, VEF is known as ‘the green company’.