The Mortgage Mole

Digging the dirt in the mortgage world


Accord Mortgages managing director Linda Will and sales director Ian Smith were on fine form last Monday when they treated Mole to dinner and a night out at the Octave bar and grill in Covent Garden. But the meal turned a bit hectic halfway through when trick or treaters burst into the restaurant and rushed around causing havoc while demanding money from diners.

The situation was soon under control as the waitresses and waiters simply rugby tackled the kids and chucked them out.


Not since Biblical times has there been such an exodus as the one that is being experienced in the offices of Mortgage Strategy. First, Barney Love McCarthy was off, then deputy news editor Natalie Martin announced her departure to Estates Gazette and now features editor Mira Butterworth is leaving for pastures new. She is going to join The Daily Telegraph as a reporter.

Mole is proud of his features editor for bagging such a top job, but it has raised questions about what new reporter Lee Jones has been up to in the office. Mole cannot help but notice it is something of a strange coincidence that the departures come as Jones starts at Strategy.

But its probably more a case of being head-hunted after working for the mortgage industrys number one magazine.

Getting the Bird

Kitchen workers at Londons posh Gros-venor House hotel got a nasty surprise last week when they received a request to store two dead birds for an evening. Senior hackette Rebecca Atkinson, who was attending the Broomstick Ball telephoned the hotel and asked it if it would be good enough to look after a pheasant and a partridge for her in its fridge while she had a drink and a dance.

The birds were a gift from Quantum managing director Jonathan Burridge who, on learning of Atkinsons penchant for game casserole, couriered them to her.

This has to be the best corporate gift Ive received on Strategy, especially as Jonathan had already plucked and gutted them for me, Rebecca confessed to Mole.
Forget champagne, give me a chunk of raw meat any day.


This years aforementioned annual Broomstick Ball was once again an evening filled with drunken antics and spooky goings-on.

One over-excited inebriated female who shall remain nameless got swept away in the heat of the moment and jumped on her table before removing her knickers and throwing them at other guests on the table.

Meanwhile, Andrew Montlake, partner at Cobalt Capital who hosted three tables at the event, was only too happy to see that the reception room was also coincidentally named Cobalt. Spooky…