Protection tools for Charcol

Lifequote is providing John Charcol with individual protection systems for the brokerage’s four businesses.

This is the first time Lifequote’s protection tools have been rolled out across online, telephone and face-to- face systems in a single business.

John Charcol, John Charcol Associates, Charcol Direct and Charcolonline now have individual protection systems with online applications for each insurer on John Charcol’s panel built into each.

John Charcol and John Charcol Associates will get their own branded versions of Intelligent Protection, which is protection planning point-of-sale software that allows brokers to tailor protection to clients’ needs.

Charcol Direct will use LifeQuote Plus, a system developed for use in telephone-based operations. The system produces up to 36 product illustrations allowing advisers to discuss the alternatives available without having to queue for quote requests.

Walter Avrili, product director at John Charcol, says: “We value the concept of tele-underwriting for protection products and we know that such a service can make a significant difference to sales.”

Michael Ward, managing director of LifeQuote, says: “Our business is making great strides in delivering solutions for many business models.

“Working with John Charcol has meant implementing our tools for call centre, online and face-to-face advice all within a single business for the first time.”

Bright Grey has also been added to John Charcol’s panel of protection providers.

Andy Peters, distribution director at Bright Grey, says: “We are delighted to have been added to John Charcol’s protection panel.

“We feel sure that the flexibility of our menu product plus our competitive prices together with the efficiency of the Lifequote system will bring added value to the proposition that John Charcol is able to offer to offer its clients.”