Portman links with London & European

Portman is offering its customers fast-track fixed-quote conveyancing services through direct access to London & European’s complete panel management solution for both purchases and remortgages.

David Enoch, associate director, Portman Direct, says: “Our customers want to move into their new home or rearrange their mortgage as quickly as possible.

“By using L&E’s COMPLETE panel management solution, we have been able to offer our customers one of the most efficient mortgage services in today’s market.

“The new fixed-quote solution that L&E has developed for us now means our customers can access highly competitive conveyancing rates as well as expert conveyancing services.

“We believe this latest addition to our mortgage service will give us a significant advantage over our competitors.”

London & European has designed a web-based quoting mechanism for Portman customers accessible at the point of purchase whether face to face with a Portman adviser in the branch, or over the phone.

The borrower only has to answer a maximum of four simple questions to get an immediate quote including VAT, Insurance Premium Tax, and standard disbursements.

If the transaction does not proceed, customers pay nothing apart from any fees (if any) that may have already been paid out on behalf of the customer.

This service is available to customers in England and Wales.

If the customer is happy with the quote, they can instruct London & European there and then.

They will receive an immediate response as to the solicitor assigned to their case, contact points, when the solicitor will be in touch and the target completion date and, more importantly, know exactly how much they will have to pay for the conveyancing.

Christopher Taylor, chief executive officer at London & European, says: “The fast-track fixed-quote process that we have built for Portman to bolt on to our complete service will deliver real benefits to their customers, speeding up the mortgage process and giving them the additional peace of mind of knowing exactly how much they will be paying for the conveyancing.

“This is the first time that a lender has opened up our complete service direct to its customers and, with the addition of the fixed-quote system, represents a ground-breaking step forward in making the property transaction process simpler and faster for homeowners, so we’re tremendously excited at the opportunity this represents.”