HIPs dry run attacked

The government’s dry-run of Home Information Packs this week through a joint initiative from the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Association of Home Information Pack Providers has come under criticism.

Trevor Kent, former president of The National Association of Estate Agents, says: “Despite the fact that the intended roll-out of mandatory HIPs will cover the whole of England and Wales from June 2007. Only six relatively prosperous towns in England have been selected, and even in these only a few convenient postcodes have been identified for trial.

“For the launch of the HIP dry run in Northampton, nearly two hundred attendees accepted the government’s wine and finger buffet as far as I could see. All but a handful appeared to be HIP providers, Home Inspectors and conveyancers, all of which are potential big earners from HIPs.

“Only a dozen or so estate agents, whom the DCLGare relying on to serve up the guinea pig sellers on a plate, identified themselves at the meeting. Agents will not co-operate with the government in a trial of what they believe to be nonsense legislation, especially when they’ve already seen one climb-down with the withdrawal of Home Condition Reports from the Packs.”