First And Last

Cammy Amaira, head of sales, Intelligent FinanceMy first mortgage was taken out in 1980 with Bradford & Bingley. It was for a third-floor flat in Aberdeen. We converted it into a two-bedroom flat with a kitchenette so small that when my wife was cooking, if I needed to get to the sink we would have to rub against each other. Great fun for newly-weds.

Several moves later we live in a converted coaching inn, built on three levels. The top level has three bedrooms and a bathroom and has become the domain of our kids who range in ages from 18 to 24. My wife and I aren’t allowed up there. We now have a huge kitchen. Draw your own conclusions as to what that means after 26 years of marriage and three kids.

Initially, our mortgage on the inn was with B&B but we’ve recently remortgaged to an Intelligent Finance offset tracker mortgage.