DTI supports fight again cowboy builders

The Department of Trade and Industry has congratulated the organisations involved with Trustmark on the progress they have made to protect consumers from cowboy builders.

Margaret Hodge, the minister of state for industry and the regions, praised the scheme and called on the rest of the industry to sign up to the scheme, which identifies skilled, professional and dependable people to carry out repairs, maintenance and improvements inside and outside homes.

The minister was addressing the TrustMark’s annual lunch in London, and answering questions from guests about the award-winning initiative, which has handled more than 145,000 enquiries from the public and tradespeople since it launched in January.

Hodge says: “I’m impressed at the rigorous TrustMark standards required by the scheme for their approved firms.

“The fact that so many groups have embraced these standards is a credit to the industry.

“Now it is up to the rest of the construction industry to take TrustMark to the next stage by signing up.

“Only enthusiastic industry involvement and support will make TrustMark a success and help drive up standards.”

Also speaking at the TrustMark annual lunch was Nick Raynsford MP, chairman of the Construction Industry Council, and Ian Livsey, chairman of TrustMark.

Livsey says: “TrustMark has made excellent progress in its first year.

“The uptake among the trades is very positive and public awareness and use of TrustMark is continuing to stride ahead.

“Working together, we can continue this success story.

“If we falter, the consequences for the trades and consumer alike would be serious.

“There has never been a better time for the industry to get its house in order.”

TrustMark currently has 14 scheme operators covering a range of 17 trades.
Another 21 organisations have expressed strong interest or already have applications in the pipeline.

Since its consumer launch at the end of January, TrustMark has doubled in size to nearly 10,000 registered firms and has won three national awards for its successful promotional campaign.