City of London residents most polluting

The Liberal Democrat Party has revealed the City of London emits 55 times more carbon dioxide per head than Hackney.

Research shows that the UK is emitting almost four times the current global average emissions, with an average of around 9.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per person.

The top five areas producing the most carbon dioxide is topped by the City of London, which produces 244.5 tonnes per head.

North Lincolnshire produces 90.3 tonnes per head, Redcar and Cleveland produce 60 tonnes, Wansbeck produces 56 tonnes and Ellesmere Port and Neston produce 51.9 tonnes.

The lowest five areas are Hackney, which produces 4.4 tonnes per head, Eastbourne (4.5 tonnes), Gosport (4.5 tonnes), Weymouth and Portland (4.6 tonnes) and Castle Point (4.8 tonnes).

Liberal Democrat president Simon Hughes says: “All of us across the United Kingdom must now take action to reduce drastically Britain’s carbon emissions.

“Very simple measures can make the difference and the government should reward these financially wherever possible.
“We need green taxes to encourage all of us who drive to move to more environmentally-friendly vehicles, and we need much more eco-friendly aviation.
“In a fairer and greener country Income Tax for average families and the least well off should come down and taxes on environmentally harmful activities should go up.”
??The research is based on the number of residents in each area, and does not include the number of visitors or non-residents workers in each area.