City of London defends environmental reputation

The City of London says research that names it as the worst polluter is unjustifiable because of uncertainties with data.

The Liberal Democrat Party recently released research that showed the City of London is the top polluter in the UK and emits 55 times more carbon dioxide per head than the lowest area, Hackney.

However, a City of London spokeswoman says a resident population of 8,000 and a working population of 320,000 made the City’s inclusion as the worst polluter unjustifiable.

She says the statistics as having “uncertainties with data which mean entries should be treated with caution”.

The City of London argues that its position as top of the polluter list is based purely on the number of residents.

Its spokeswoman says: “This is because of the small size and unique nature of the Square Mile, where one must look at the working population and other factors to get a true sense of what’s happening.

“Unfortunately, the report did not to heed this advice and estimated the City to have 244.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted per head.

“When one treats the original data with caution, and takes into account the 350,000 people who commute into the City every day to work, study and visit, the figure of carbon dioxide emission per head falls to 5.58 tonnes of CO2.

“This puts the City firmly amongst the best performing areas of the UK, rather than the worst.

The City of London takes climate change very seriously and indeed believes that it is the most serious threat facing the world’s environment.”