BM to launch POS-O in one week

From next Monday BM Solutions will be launching its own point-of-sale offer system using automated valuations.

On November 13, across new and remortgage applications, brokers will be able to secure a POS-O with the added bonus of being able to print the offer document in their office.

It is available to customers who have a deposit of more than 15% on new loan applications.

BM Solutions will give consumers and brokers a choice of four valuation types – an automated valuation, a lenders standard valuation, a homebuyers report and a structural survey.

Its aim is to get out POS-Os in 15 to 20 minutes along with an emailed confirmation of offer. The operation is backed by a 30 strong inhouse IT team.

Tim Hague, director of BM Solutions, says: “This step sees BM Solutions introducing further new technology and bringing consumer choice with it. Consumers will now have four types of valuation to choose from.

“They will be guided through the process by highly qualified, regulated mortgage intermediaries.

“And of course, for brokers, this is yet another step from BM Solutions to make their lives easier.”