BM dominates Hamptons Awards short list

Hamptons Mortgages unveiled its awards short list last week, with BM Solutions making the grade in eight out of 11 categories.

The Hamptons Awards are one of London’s most prestigious lender award ceremonies. This year the event takes place on November 23 at the trendy Vinopolis wine museum on London’s South Bank.

Jonathan Cornell, Mortgage Strategy columnist and technical director at the London brokerage, says: “Once again we are looking forward to recognising outstanding achievements by lenders and surveyors.”

Hamptons is one of London’s top brokers and had a record October, brokering over £100m worth of loans.

Managing director Kevin Duffy says: “The business was stress-tested last month and average productivity per consultant was comfortably above £20,000. These numbers aren’t extraordinary for some of our illustrious peers but in a national context they demonstrate that the industry is in obscene, let alone rude health.”