AToM top proc fee spender

All Types of Mortgages, the lending distributor, has revealed it pays brokers one of the highest proc fees in the industry.

Recent internal research from AToM, showed on average it pays a higher proc fee than the industry norm. The research also highlights the wide variation in proc fees paid by packagers for the same products from the same lenders.

Out of a cross-section of 21 lenders, AToM was revealed to have offered highly competitive rates over a range of prime to heavy adverse products. AToM paid out up to 70% more on some types of mortgage.

Richard Hearn, managing director, AToM, says: “AToM has always aimed to offer the best possible service and value for money to our brokers.

“This is supported by this research which revealed that AToM offers highly competitive proc fees when compared to other packagers. We aim to continue to win over the intermediary through excellent customer service and a competitive, high quality product. ”