1,348 – The number of individuals who are made redundant every day in this country, data from a charity shows.

75% – The percentage of workers in the UK who have a commute of half an hour or less, according to the Office for National Statistics.

128% – The average house price increase in UK seaside towns in the past 10 years, reveals Halifax’s seaside town review.

£29,835 – The average amount owed by every UK adult, including mortgages, the latest debt statistics show.

14 – A property is repossessed every 14 minutes, says Credit Action.

9.9% – The unemployment rate in the European Union, according to Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU.

£20.71m – The daily write-off of loans by banks and building societies, Credit Action reports.

54% – The number of Scottish people with life cover, which is 10% more than the UK average, according to Scottish Widows.

45% – The number of Britons who only plan their finances for the next month, a Standard Life survey reveals.