It is outrageous that ARs for Citri have been left in the dark

I want express my deep concern for all the advisers of Citri. For many weeks now we have been in turmoil over the outcome of Citri’s troubles and we are still none the wiser with regards to its demise.

We understand the directors of Citri have announced to staff that it is in receivership but they have failed to inform their appointed representatives.
Having lost thousands due to the poor management of this business we were offered a lifeline by Openwork.

But this depends on Citri’s fate. Nothing can be finalised until Citri has formally announced its status.

Staff were informed two weeks ago that Citri was in receivership. Since then ARs have been dealing with the prospect that we could all be out of business ourselves in a matter of days. The way we have been treated as ARs is outrageous.

A Citri appointed representative