I wish every lender was as helpful as ING Direct proved

Having researched the market for a client I decided to recommend ING Direct’s five-year fixed with no arrangement fee. Not having placed business with ING before, I have to admit I was wary of using it.

But I needn’t have worried. The agreement in principle was approved quickly and it then proceeded to a full case. I couldn’t get past survey fee payment on the online application so I called its service unit and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful.

The person I spoke to made a quick call to the surveyor while I was on hold and the problem was sorted. I then went back to the online application as there was no need to input the survey fee any more as being a Scottish case, the transcript was accepted.

The case has now been approved and we just need one original wage slip. No identity documents, proof of address or bank statements need to be sent.

Also, I was advised that if the solicitor we want to use isn’t on ING Direct’s panel it will send the solicitor a letter inviting them on to its panel. I wish every lender was so helpful.

Douglas Grant
Slater Hogg Mortgages