ARs in the dark about Citri future

Appointed representatives of Citri have complained of being left out in the cold by the firm regarding its future.

Mortgage Strategy recently reported that the company’s future was in doubt after a deal to transfer its 138 advisers to Openwork fell through.

At the time, Openwork said it was in discussions with Citri and looking at ways its advisers could continue to trade.

Since then Citri’s website has ceased operating and there is no response to telephone calls.

One AR who contacted Mortgage Strategy says: “For many weeks now we have been in turmoil over the outcome of Citri’s troubles and we are still none the wiser with regard to its demise.”

He says he has heard the firm is in receivership, but has not received confirmation from Citri or been told whether outstanding commission will be paid.

Openwork says it is unable to comment and Mortgage Strategy was unable to contact Citri chief executive Keith Atkinson.