A little happiness for the housing market


A positive news story was doing the rounds recently following the results of a recent survey into happiness.

The findings offer a glimmer of joy at an otherwise gloomy time for many.

The Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development’s survey found that of the Brits asked, 68% said they were satisfied with their lives.

This is encouraging when you consider the financial constraints that so many have been grappling with in recent years and suggests things aren’t quite as bad as they may have seemed.

This is welcome news for our industry. For the past few years it has been easy to focus on the negatives.

With the recession, job losses and poor health in the news on a seemingly constant basis, most weeks you would be hard pushed to find something to be happy about.

This ultimately has a knock-on effect on housing sales. When consumer confidence is high, more people are prepared to take out mortgages but when it is low business suffers.

Now is the time to realise this opportunity and ensure we are on hand to offer the best advice to those wishing to dip a toe into the water for the first time.

As happiness, and thus confidence grows, there is every chance the housing market will begin to prosper once more.

It is important we are aware of these developments and look at the positive opportunities it offers us as an industry.