The Mortgage Mole

More, please

Mole was more than happy at the prospect of starting 2003 soberly following December&#39s festivities. What with 18 Christmas parties, some 14 Christmas lunches and countless Christmas dinners, Mole was feeling a little jaded by the time December 25 finally rolled around. The award for best event of the month is shared between arch rivals BM Solutions and Mortgages PLC. With BMS hosting an evening of fine wine and dining at the Tower of London and Mortgages PLC, its annual bash at the Ritz Hotel, Mole was hard-pressed to decide on a winner. A repeat performance to kick-start 2003 must surely be the order of the day.

Nose woes

While lunching with football&#39s Saint and Greavsie courtesy of mortgageforce Mole heard a sorry tale from Patrick Bunton. Seems poor old Pat, super-star broker with London & Country, had a rather bad start to the Christmas season after breaking his nose. Mole is assured that all is well in the Bunton household (“It was from playing rugby, honest”) and was more than happy to accept his invitation to Wimbledon dog track later that evening (More like you invited yourself – ed) to join the BBC&#39s Working Lunch Christmas jolly. £25 richer, Mole is now waiting to make his TV debut. Adrian Chiles, watch out.

Points of interest

A disappointing start to 2003 for Hamptons Internationals&#39 James Rodea. Full of enthusiasm at the prospect of a chums skiing holiday this month in the fabulous Three Valleys, France with tabloid icon Jordan, Mole hears that Rodea was “devastated” she would not be joining the party. It seems the unnamed friend who enjoyed a whirlwind romance with the starlet, was unable to keep her on long enough to make the trip. Never mind old boy – it&#39s happened to all of us (getting dumped by Jordan that is.) Friends of the jilted one may at least console themselves with the thought that they are still in for the visual feast that is the Three Valleys, even if they were probably hoping to see four…

Dream on

Kylie Minogue has been officially identified as the mortgage advisers&#39 &#39dream customer&#39. Mole immediately put it down to that award-winning bum (pictured) but according to a survey conducted by household insurance provider Select & Protect, Kylie is the person most mortgage advisers would like to sell a mortgage to. At the opposite end of the scale it seems a drink down the Queen Vic is out of the question – Eastenders&#39 Barbara Windsor tallied up an amazing 0% of the vote. Out of a list of celebs, 32% of advisers said the petite Aussie singer, dancer and all-round dazzler would top their list. David Beckham notched up 20% of the vote, Cameron Diaz 19%, and Sean Connery 12%. A surprise entry was Margaret Thatcher at 5%. Mole wonders whether there may yet be a resurgence among the Tory faithful. Now, where&#39s Michael Bolton?