Technology company offers new toolkit for mortgage networks

A technology company is targeting mortgage networks with a range of sales and illustration tools to help boost business.

Mainstream Computing previously concentrated on sales tools for financial institutions, but has added mortgage intermediaries and networks to its list after concluding that existing technologies are inadequate.

Dr Mark Blakey, manaing director of Mainstream Computing, says: “We&#39re very excited about this. Mortgage sourcing systems lack good sales illustration tools, and our FinanZtools, which are acknowledged as the best in the business, fill that gap.

“Until now, FinanZtools have only been available to institutions. Now we have invented a new method of distribution that enables networks to insert branded versions of our tools directly onto the websites of their members, yet still provide the networks with centralised management and usage information.”

He adds: “The same tools can also be made available for those companies to use offline as PC software when visiting or demonstrating to clients, further reinforcing brands and the customer&#39s experience. The networks can centrally administer how long each tool is activated for on a per-user basis.

“This creates unprecedented opportunities to manage and recycle low-cost software licenses – even to use them as incentives for individual performance.”

The FinanZtools product range includes 25 mortgage related sales and illustration tools which aim to demonstrate just the benefits of a loan product. Recent releases include a new Mortgage Comparator, buy-to-let calculators and a variety of flexible mortgage and interest offset calculators.

Designed for use by the public on websites, sales staff in branches or by IFAs online and offline, FinanZtools can be configured with a lender or network&#39s own set of products. They can also be used to compare particular mortgages or scenarios.