My mortgage week

Monday: A 3am visit from our youngest, Conor, aged six. A nightmare involving spiders means he&#39s in our bed for the rest of the night. Into our Reading office for a morning meeting. Almost all our advisers work in and rely on the leads from Romans Estate Agents and it is important they work as a part of the team.

Tuesday: The day starts with a phone call from a client who is incensed that I have written to her saying that the two-page letter of complaint she wrote to us had been investigated and no further action would be taken. With the volume of lending we carry out, we are bound to make occasional mistakes and I am the first to admit them and compensate where valid. This complaint is completely unjustified and I wrote to the client saying I would not be compensating her. Her phone call is to no avail as I finally get her to admit that she is basically trying it on. Back home late as have to go out with a client to discuss the options for her £100,000 pension fund currently with Equitable.

Wednesday: In our office in Winnersh for the morning to spend some time with the estate agency team and catch up with our advisers. The life of a mortgage adviser in an estate agent&#39s office can be isolating and I try to spend as much time as possible with each of them. I try to make the agents understand the role of their broker and how to use his expertise. The afternoon sees meetings with two lenders about possible exclusive products and a chance to catch up with surveyors from our sister firm, Romans Professional Services.

Thursday: A day full of meetings. An interview with a prospective new adviser first thing – I need to expand the team by at least two (applications to the Reading address please). A meeting with the admin team at Reading, then into a long meeting with the Romans Group MD and the MD of Flower IFA. I meet with the MD of Flower once a week and once a month we both meet with the group MD to plan the following month. Much of our success stems from the fact that we plan development carefully making for a stable environment in which to move forward. The meeting is productive and I come away with the usual list of ideas.

Friday: The day starts with the school run (I try and do this once a week) and then to Reading for an appointment which is months overdue. The appointment is supposed to last two hours but after an hour I call it a day. On leaving the room I am handed a letter informing me that I have passed CeMAP Bridge (with merit incidentally!). Obviously delighted but part of me is annoyed that I have left it so late and should have sat it 18 months ago. Over to Winnersh for a weekly meeting with all the advisers. I then stay in the office for the residential sales meeting. After that it&#39s down the pub for a thorough debrief with the advisers.

•Trevor Youens is a director of Flower independent financial advisers. His diary runs from December 9-13 2002.