Lawcomm survey shows speed of service is crucial

Lawcomm recently conducted a broker survey. Here we present the results.

The first part of the questionnaire was designed to offer comprehensive analysis, a holistic view of what clients wanted from their conveyancing provider.

Here we had six categories for the client to choose from. We took a mean for each category for the first three responses. We left out the other two responses as we were looking forward to an analysis to find the best positive results from among the positive results. This gave us the analysis with respect to each question where we had the complete data.

In the following graphs we have a detailed presentation of client requirements in different fields, looking at the top three responses.

We found that the most important requirement a client looks forward to in their conveyance provider is communications, followed by speed and then price.

The most preferred method of communication with a conveyance supplier is direct dial, followed by email. These two also happen to be the fastest and most effective means of communication and also the effective one.

When asked what the main problems encountered with conveyancers were, here again the major problems were failing to return phone calls and slow completions. This is very much in line with the clients requirement to look for speed from the conveyance provider and also a preference for fast methods of communication.

Overall, clients are looking for a shorter completion time and effective communication which can reduce the completion time.

So what are the most important requirements clients seek in their conveyancing provider? To offer a more detailed analysis we looked at the top response for the various categories.

Here we had five different responses for each category. We took the first response for each question covering different categories. This way we were able to view the individual preference of clients for the different categories and then compare it with the result which we had obtained with the comprehensive analysis.

Not surprisingly, communications is the most important factor, followed by speed.

When asked what method of communication with a conveyance supplier clients prefer, we get a similar answer to the overall picture – clients want to communicate through direct dial followed by email.

When asked what the main problems clients have encountered with conveyancers, clients again had a concern with regards to failure in answering phone calls, followed by slow completions. The single point analysis as well as the overall analysis provides us with the same result.

The conclusion throws up a very stable response by the clients. There is no variance in their collective response as well as their individual preference with each category. The common concern with them has been speedy completions and effective communication.

The preferred means of communication again are typically instant, where there is no delay in communication. Effective communication helps in speedy communication. The clients are unhappy with those conveyance providers who are not able to communicate effectively and hence deliver a late completion.