Compliancy Service offers brokers fast track service

Compliancy Service is offering mortgage brokers and financial advisors fast track service withc ompliance in- a-box.

With the clock ticking fast and a matter of weeks left before General Insurance Day January 14, 2005, Compliancy Services is offering mortgage brokers and financial advisors a fast track route to compliance with its innovative compliance, in-a-box service.

The new compliance fast track service combines templates that enable mortgage brokers to align their business to the procedures and processes required by the FSA.

All the documents are available electronically and
will form an FSA process manual. In addition, the service offers online training for staff in the general principles of Insurance and the FSA regulations, plus, access to Comply-INS which offers online testing that
is specific to the insurance products on which individual businesses mediate.

Mortgage brokers who have applied for authorisation have, by making the application and receiving a Minded to Authorise letter from the FSA, already committed to have in place the required processes and procedures,
from sales and handling complaints through to HR and recruitment by January 14, 2005.

Failure to be and remain compliant with the FSA rules could lead to severe financial penalties, as well as the disciplining of principals and staff.

Tony Worthy, managing director of Compliancy Services, says; “With a matter of weeks left until General Insurance day, the options for the mortgage industry are limited. What is required now is an online fast track system that will help businesses become compliant in time for General Insurane Day.

“As a direct response to the market, we at Compliancy Services have developed a fast track route to compliance with our innovative compliance-in-a-box service. The package offers mortgage brokers all the
vital tools required online to ensure their business is compliant within the time constraints that are now prevalent.”