Advantage urges industry to dig deep for charity

Advantage Home Loans is urging the mortgage industry to dig for the Century Child Champaign.

With Christmas just around the corner, most children in the UK can look forward to a fun filled festive period surround by their families in the safety of their own homes.

However not all children are this fortunate and Chester based registered charity 21st Century Child is dedicated to highlighting the plight of children in countries like Bosnia and Romania through film, video and music with the aim of encouraging donations or support for initiatives like its shoe box appeal.

Simon Maudslay, director of ellesmere port based company Advantage Home Loans, has been supporting the charity for almost five years, either via donations of computer equipment, funds or even staff time to help manage the shoebox appeal, and is urging others to consider lending their support.

Maudslay, says: “This charity is very small but does exceptional work.

“I have been out to Bosnia to see the impact they make to the very underprivileged children there, and it really is phenomenal what can be achieved with so little effort on our part.

“Donations can even be made on-line so it’s very easy to lend your support.

“Of course at this time of year so many charities are crying out for funds so it’s difficult to know who to support but we would really urge the mortgage industry to just set aside some money, even 50 to support the efforts of Dae and his team, it would make such a difference to children who have literally nothing.”