Woolwich has improved its broker service

Since the launch of our tranche management system we have been seeking feedback from brokers in order to improve the service.

I am pleased to be able to inform readers that several improvements have now been made.

The key improvement to our telephony service involves managing brokers’ expectations when they phone our funds booking line.

An automated message now informs brokers as soon as it is clear that the funds available for any given day have been used up. This should ensure that no caller hangs on the phone only to later find they have been unsuccessful with their booking.

We have also introduced an upgrade designed to ensure that brokers are quickly and efficiently directed to the appropriate operator.

This should cut waiting times and provide speedy response even when we are experiencing high demand for our products.

We are one of a limited number of lenders offering competitive products in the intermediary sector this year and I’d like to confirm that we will continue to make funds available to these deals on a daily basis.

Our aim is provide stability around products and service.

David Finlay

Intermediary Business Director


By email