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The diary of Doobry Wotsit

I spent the weekend before last with my wife Deidre setting up an initial strategy for my insurance desk. With all the job losses at the moment it could be a winner for me.

There are some tasty protection products around at the moment and I reckon they’ll fly off the shelf once my system is in place. Deidre has made sure we have all the proper cover ourselves on the protection side.

She also thinks it’s time for me to throw in the towel and join a network. I’m not too sure about this. After 15 years’ driving my business forward I don’t think I could take losing my grip on the situation. Still, I’ve set aside some time tomorrow afternoon to look at the options.

As it’s Monday, I’m spending the afternoon with Gloria to talk about her options on the equity release deal. Hopefully she’s not already spoken to the loans company.


I spent three and a half hours with Gloria yesterday explaining what we could do to help her mum, who I’m pleased to report is fighting fit given her recent troubles.

I managed to persuade her that the deal I can put together with Bromsgrove-based Get the Cash out of My House Now is the one to go for.

It’s a home reversion plan that will give her mum a tax-free lump sum – the old dear wants to go travelling around the Middle East – and a guaranteed lifetime lease with no monthly repayments.

They’ve opted to exchange 90% of the value of the property and that has given Gloria some peace of mind – her mum can guarantee some inheritance when the inevitable happens.

I just hope they won’t want a further advance but Gloria seems to think her mum won’t be around that long. Still, time will tell. Either way, I’ve finally sealed the deal and we should be getting the paperwork sorted sooner rather than later. At last, some commission rolling my way.

I’m spending the afternoon looking at network opportunities. My phone-in slot on the local radio station has been cancelled tonight.


Looking at network opportunities took longer than I thought it would and I’m still somewhat at a loss.

Still, a quick scour of the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries’ website and I have managed to find some useful information which should help me weigh up the options.

I had a one-to-one with Derek, the triage assistant who needs to borrow 115,000 to buy a 130,000 property.

We sorted out the issue about the title and my pal Gaz at Back Door Finance once again come up trumps. Another happy customer.


We’ve finally got the protection desk up and running. Deidre is going to be helping me with this pretty much full time. She’s been a little on edge since I started my conversations with Gloria and this way thinks she can keep an eye on me.

I’ve decided to try online social networking as a way of generating more revenue. Let’s see what happens.


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