Home Buyer Systems launches phone payment system

Brokers can now use their mobile phones to collect debit and credit card payments from their clients via a facility from Home Buyer Systems.

Users of Home Buyer Systems and HBSLite can use the system collect payments without having to wait for cheques to clear.

The development builds on the existing facility which allows users to collect payments via their laptop computers.

It can either be used as part of the Home Buyer Systems and HBSLite using a company merchant account or can be bought as a standalone facility if users already have their own merchant account.

Richard Angliss, managing director of Home Buyer Systems, says: “Our mobile phone access to the Home Buyer card payment facility allows businesses to use their phones – which they have already paid for – to collect customer payments, instead of the payment terminals which can cost around £50 a month to rent.

“All transactions are made through a secure payment gateway, and users have a full audit trail of all transactions for their own records.”