G-20 Summary

International media reaction to the G-20 summit in London ranged from wary to upbeat but looking at the front page headlines in even Tory papers, the Prime Minister Gordon Brown\'s spin machine can claim some brownie points in the short term.

But despite desperately playing down expectations after the governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King’s comments to the Treasury Select Committee last month, according to Brown the G-20 was supposed to herald a new Bretton Woods and a new world stimulus package. It achieved neither.

We can expect a more measured analysis of what was actually agreed and what wasn’t achieved in the weekend papers and this is likely to produce some rather different headlines, that is unless one of the papers discovers some other Minister has charged the cost of porn films to their expenses, in which case that will probably be the lead story.

Like all of Brown’s initiatives the devil will be in the detail and the closer one looks at the detail the more you you normally realise how much were conned by the initial announcement!

Interviewed on the BBC about the G20, Irwin Seltzer, the Sunday Times columnist, damned its impact with faint praise by saying ” It has done no harm” and when pressed wouldn’t be any more positive.