Ensure it is always business as usual


So the holiday season is drawing to a close. For those of us who stayed in the UK, the realisation that we should have holidayed in April when the UK had its summer and not July and August has hit us, but it’s too late now.

But, on a positive note, at least we can now all get more done. Have you ever counted the amount of ’out of office’ indicators you get during this period and noticed how much the wheels of industry really do slow down?

It’s immensely frustrating when the person you have to speak to is away for the week and no one else can help.

It’s similar, I guess, to carrying around all your information about your clients on a laptop or storing them on your desktop computer. It’s handy when you have it with you, unhelpful when you’re away from it. Rather like the person on holiday, without the data you cannot continue with what you wanted to do and business is interrupted.

The idea of accessing everything you need to know about your business, simply by logging on through the internet is concerning for some.

But if you are interested in the advantages of running your business without the overheads of owning, hosting and supporting your own IT system, ask your software supplier for details of their infrastructure and security. All of them should be able to supply details of their services.

By ensuring you can access your business and client details wherever you are, means that for you it’s always business as usual.