TV comic gets serious with a career in home finance

Comedian Nick Hancock has spoken exclusively to Mortgage Strategy about mortgages, regulation and his new job in the industry.

Hancock, best known for TV programmes Room 101 and They Think It’s All Over, has joined south Yorkshire-based Earth Mortgages as sales and marketing director, saying he’s in it for the long run.

Hancock feels it is time to use his commercial talent and “get just a bit serious”, though he is not quitting TV altogether and will take part in a series of televised adverts for Earth in the coming months .

Hancock, who started at Earth on September 1, will be working from its Rotherham office.

He says: “I’m going into business with my friends. Many people have just one career. I’m lucky, I continue to be active in television and comedy but I’m also getting down to business.”

Mike Worthington, managing director of Earth, believes Hancock has the right mix of charisma and business savvy to make a success of his career in the world of home finance.

Worthington says: “We couldn’t be more pleased to have Nick on board. He’s a well known figure and a person people trust.”

In an interview in the Sunday Telegraph last week, Hancock was unable to answer even who regulated the mortgage industry. As the interview below with MS shows, he’s now fully up to speed.

Michael Bolton, managing director of HBOS Specialist Lending, says: “It’s amazing the difference a week makes.”