TMB reduces rates

The Mortgage Business, the specialist and packager focussed lender has announced reduced rates on its fixed rate, plus dedicated remortgage and self build products.

The rates include refreshed fixed rates at 4.95% until the end of 2008, a remortgage only self-cert rate with no completion fee and 750 cashback (set at BBR +0.99% until end 2008 reverting to BBR +1.79%); and dedicated self build products including a fixed rate and two tracker rate mortgages.

The self build products in particular will assist brokers who are finding more clients interested in this sector and will feed the growing appetite for self builds in the UK.

The self build rates include a 5.85% fix until the end of 2007
reverting to BBR +1.79%, a tracker rate set at BBR +1.79% for the term with no early repayment charge, and a second tracker rate set at BBR +1.35% until the end of 2007 reverting to BBR +1.79%.

Bill Dudgeon, managing director of The Mortgage Business, says: “TMB’s capacity to offer niche and bespoke products puts us at the forefront of the specialist lending arena. We always try to re-evaluate the rates we have on offer and continually strive to adjust products and rates to the growing trends and movements within the industry.

“We endeavour to offer competitive rates enabling brokers to offer
well-priced, specialist products to their customers. And along with TMB’s affordability based underwriting, all our products enable brokers to offer unique mortgages in a responsible manner”.