TMB IT glitches are affecting my clients’ credit profiles

From Andrew Forsey

The Mortgage Business’ computer problems are affecting my clients’ credit profiles. Recently, two have been declined for new mortgages with another lender as they are shown as having missed payments in the past 12 months with their lender, TMB.

This has come about because, during TMB’s switch to its new computer system, in certain cases the full monthly payment was not taken. No arrears letters were sent out so clients would not know unless they checked their bank statements.

When I challenged it, TMB’s collections department said it was just collecting the payments and was unaware of any negative impact on clients. Various telephone numbers were given to me from which I did not get any favourable responses.

If you remember, TMB closed its doors to new business 12 months ago. Perhaps it should do the same for existing business until it sorts out its admin problems.