The Mortgage Mole

Mole turned pink last week on learning Pink Home Loans PR manager Sarah Anderton had crabs. No word of a lie, it was the tastiest treat for Anderton during lunch at London’s trendy Roka Shochu. The Japanese restaurant is a fave with celebs in the know and was first choice for star stalker and Strategy hackette Natalie Martin. Alas, a late booking meant Martin and Co were relegated to below stairs dining but that didn’t stop Pink sales director Dev Malle trying it on with the waitress.

“Now Copey’s become a family man someone’s got to keep the image up,” Mole’s source let slip.

More on the celeb front from Strategy’s stalker and spotted last week we had Lisa Scott-Lee from Steps (who? ed) walking down Charlotte Street and Matt Lucas and David Walliams of Little Britain fame on the razz in Covent Garden. But spot of the week was Anthony Hutton (the Geordie geezer who won this year’s Big Brother) who Natalie followed home on Thursday.

“He was shopping with his mum on Oxford Street,” Natalie confided to Mole. “I had to follow him to see if I could spot Craig too. They’re going to live together but I’m convinced Anthony’s straight as an arrow.”

With Gallagher safely away to her new job in Glasgow and not yet on the Strategy mailing list, Mole can tell you about her last corporate PR disaster at Edinburgh’s Fringe festival courtesy of those kindly folk at Intelligent Finance.

And it’s perhaps just as well that Gallagher’s no longer at MS as she was, unsurprisingly, well and truly mullered. So much so that she and female friend Crazy Jo couldn’t shut up while watching a comedy act at The Stand which resulted in the pair being publicly lambasted for being “complete tw*ts”.

“It’s people like you that get gang- raped,” quipped the comedian. youth policy Mole heard a startling revelation from Intelligent Finance communications guru Jennifer Blackwood last week. While regaling the Strategy team with stories of her trips round Europe as part of the Tartan Army following the Scottish football team (someone has to) Blackwood let slip that on occasion she has been known to “do the under-21s”. Mole is reassured someone has their eye on the next batch of talent to come through.

Mole was even more red-faced than the two Bank of Scotland tellers made to put cabbages on their desks after a slight misprint in last week’s mag. Conducting a vox pop on the bank’s bizarre motivational techniques, Vesta Packaging supremo Mark Leaper was misquoted as saying he wasn’t a particularly effective motivator when the copy should have read: fear wasn’t a great motivator. Mole apologises and is staring at a vegetable until further notice.