Thailand is next boom area

Research from the Property Investor Show reveals that nearly 15% of property investors believe the Far East, in particular Thailand, will see the biggest house price rises in the next few years.

Those looking further afield for their next purchase are finding that exotic locations can provide a good investment, with yields as high as 8% for sea facing holiday villas.

This year’s PIS will feature a Thai Pavilion with over 25 companies specialising in Thai property.

Russell Russell, director of events for Thailand Homes and Investments and organiser of the specialist area on Thai property at PIS, says interest in Thai property has never been so high.

He says: “With recovery from the Asian tsunami well underway, Thailand is focussing again on being a popular exotic holiday destination with the southern resort of Phuket its main attraction.

“As Phuket’s tourist market boomed over the past decade the property market began to take off too, and we now see many visitors interested in owning property in the region.

“As well as being luxury holiday homes these properties can provide good rental yields, as high as 8% for a sea view property and 4 to 5% for a home near a golf course.”

Properties available in Phuket range from luxury properties and apartments or villas by the coast to inland properties or properties on golf courses.

However, some restrictions on property ownership by foreigners means Brits looking to buy in Phuket are limited in their options.

As a result, many opt for condominiums at a starting price of around 50,000 for one bedroom up to approximately 135,000 for two bedrooms.

Nick Clark, managing director of PIS, says: “The low cost but high standard of living in Thailand has pushed the area to one of the top spots for UK tourists. It was inevitable that this popularity would spread to the property market.”