Taylor’s Tour….

Henry Taylor\'s day job is running a mortgage broking business in Eastbourne on the south coast of England, when not taking part in the Seat Cupra Championship

Last weekend saw the SEAT Cupra Championship make its furthest trip north this season as we ventured into the mountains of Scotland to Knockhill.

Knockhill continued its tradition of terrible weather with pouring rain, gale force winds and a heavy mist engulfing the track all weekend.

We started race weekend with a test day, which proved to be eventful with the car catching fire just as we had gone second quickest. A fuel pipe had come loose and sprayed fuel all over the red hot engine, which in turn ignited and cooked most of the wiring. At midnight the car started again for the first time.

Saturday brought the first qualifying session and we managed to get the fifth quickest time, only two-tenths of a second off pole. We had a few suspension geometry problems in the second qualifying session and ended up seventh quickest.

Sunday – race day – brought more torrential rain but I got up to third after three corners. I continued to make progress and was on the bumper of second as we crossed the line for the first time. Then, as I braked for a tight right hand bend, the car didn’t slow down – the throttle was stuck wide open due to the rain getting into the electrics. I finished fifth and the second race didn’t bring us any better luck. Knockhill is like a go kart circuit for full-sized cars. It is twisty and has lots of hills and unusual corners. The chicane at the top of one of the hills is a completely blind left, right corner which is taken at nearly 100 mph. It is obviously important to get this part of the circuit right as it can be a costly detour if you go off at Knockhill. There seems to be a special formula Scottish mud surrounding the circuit. If you get into this in a saloon car it tries to flip you onto your roof. Soggy and unforgiving, it is the reason it is imperative to keep your car on the black stuff at all times.